Siemens loopt voor Rikolto!

Siemens loopt voor Rikolto!

Team   SISW Leuven/Liege
Team SISW Leuven/Liege
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On May 27, 19 runners from Siemens Industry Software Leuven and Liege will participate in the 20 km through Brussels for Rikolto (Vredeseilanden).

Why? Because we want to commit ourselves to a better future for all. Together with the Rikolto team we run together for our food tomorrow. Good food, where farmers earn a fair wage, we do not harm the environment and where we will have enough for all 9 billion people. For this we will put on our running shoes !

Give your financial support to the Siemens team and Rikolto (Vredeseilanden) and contribute to our cause. With the money that we bring together, Rikolto really makes a difference.

Your support is more than welcome. A gift from 40 € is entitled to a tax certificate of 45% of the amount. So if you sponsor 40 €, you only pay 22 € of it yourself!

Greetings from the Siemens running team,
Dirk, Bram, Anneleen, Marc, Tom, Michiel, Yue, Jeroen, Heber, Marco, Leoluca, Joel, Tristan, Dominiek, Mansour, Alexandre, Luc, Christophe, Karel and Piet

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Deze actie is 637 dagen afgelopen.